Christian Creative Agency – Prayer

Christian Creative Agency – Prayer For the last couple of weeks I have been addressing all of the pieces that go into our brand development process. Today I’m going to take a break from talking about the services we offer and talk about something that will take your ministry to places you can’t imagine. The […]

Ministry Branding – Color Palette – Part 6

Ministry Branding – Color Palette In today’s article we are going to talk about the importance of color in your ministry branding. Color is often times an underrated element in any brand development process. At Reliant, we most often see colors chosen based on personal preference, but color can have a much more significant affect […]

Ministry Branding – Part 2 – Brand Development

Ministry Branding – Part 2 Last week I shared, in bulleted form, the ministry branding process we use when we take our clients through a brand development process. You can read about that HERE. This week we’re going to share in more detail each piece of our brand development process. We’ll highlight Market Research, Brand Positioning and Brand […]

Ministry Branding – Part 1 – What’s your differentiator?

Ministry Branding – Part 1 – An Introduction Reliant Creative is a creative agency, but what does that mean? At the most basic level, we are a team of people that create things, but that’s not a compelling story. If that’s how we communicated what we do, we would rarely get found among the sea […]