The Project

Love One Another Project is a young organization working in Uganda and Kenya, Africa. They work to raise up and disciple leaders to break the cycles of addiction, abuse, adultery and abandonment. Through this work they are sharing the Gospel and bringing hope to the communities in which they serve. Love One Another Project came to us requesting help to completely restructure and r-estrategize how best to communicate their message to their audience. We took them through a complete re-branding effort and site design, creating an easier experience for their users, and a more memorable mark for their identity. They now have the a platform on which they can effectively build their ministry. We are so excited to see what God continues to do through Love One Another Project.

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Services Provided

Brand Development

Messaging, Conceptualization, Logo Design, Color Palette, Typography, Brand Guidelines


Web Design, Web Development & Messaging


Brand Development

The Love One Another Project mark was created to communicate some of the ministries core values. The logo is reminiscent of ripples on water and that one small act can have a large impact. Because Love One Another Projects investment primarily focuses on raising up leaders in the communities they serve, their work will produce fruit for generations to come. The mark also represents agriculture fields, where a small seed can grow into a large harvest. These core values are represented visually in a mark that is simple and easy to remember. We chose a bold font that highlights the ministries core message pulled straight out of John 13:34. 



The balance between form and function is crucial when creating any website. The goal for this website was no different. Imagery and video are powerful tools in communicating story, so we created this site with those things in mind first. We set out to create an experience for the user that informs and tells a story quickly, while ultimately guiding the user to the desired pages within the site. The resulting site is a huge improvement over Love One Another Project's previous site. They now have a platform on which they can grow and flourish for years to come.