The Project

LINC Ministries is a small, gospel-centered ministry directed by Leonard Lee. The work they do for the Kingdom across the globe is incredible, especially for a ministry of it’s size. Leonard is a pastor to other pastors in countries around the world. He leads culturally relevant discipleship training for pastors. LINC was in need of a brand and web presence that enabled the ministry to communicate more effectively to it’s supporters and donor community. We took LINC Ministries through a rebranding process that now tells LINC’s story more quickly and effectively.

See it in use:

Services Provided

Brand Identity

Logo Design, Typography, Color Palette, and Brand Guidelines


Design and Development

Photography, Cinematography

Concept, Messaging and Execution


"I have had the awesome privilege to work with Reliant Creative, and I found the entire experience from start to finish, refreshing, professional, and a lot of fun. In a day when people are making promises, it is refreshing to see someone actually keep them and even exceed their commitment. The work done for our ministry, from photos, videos and web design were spot on for who we are and what we need at this time in our work. Our simple but elegant logo has received rave reviews. With a high level of professionalism, Zachary and the Reliant team listened to our ideas, understood our needs and then delivered a product that is excellent. The creative process was fun too, as we spent time talking and laughing together. I highly recommend Reliant Creative for your communication and brand development needs." - Leonard Lee, LINC Ministries Executive Director


"Many of the Pastors in Developing Countries face persecution. Their persecution comes from Muslims, Hindus and other extremists of various kinds. We train them to face these circumstances with the love of Christ."