The Ministry Growth Show: Episode 6 with Preston Petersen from Gospel and Grain

Today on The Ministry Growth Show we talk with Preston Petersen, Executive Director of Gospel and Grain. Gospel and Grain is working in a district of Ethiopia called Addis Ababa to provide children with nutrition, education, emotional and spiritual support and stability. The work they do allows Gospel and Grain to build relationships and share the love of Christ with children and their families living in extreme poverty.

There are a couple of highlights that come out of our conversation with Gospel and Grain, but one highlight struck me and convicted me personally. Preston shared about balancing family life and running a ministry. We all know the challenge of running a ministry and being intentional to make our children our primary disciple focus. The temptation to give all our time to ministry is ever present, at least for me, and it was great to hear from another ministry executive who is working through the same stuff.

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