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Ministries are busy doing ministry work and don’t have time to tell their stories. We help ministries tell true stories that build strong brands.

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The Ministry Growth Show is a podcast dedicated to helping ministry executives and church leaders grow the reach and effectiveness of their organizations for the Kingdom of God. Each episode features an interview with a ministry executive or church leader as we discuss the strategies, struggles, challenges, and successes of running successful gospel-centered ministries. 

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Hosted by: Zachary Leighton

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"Reliant Creative has played a vital role in our organization, and we firmly believe we would not be where we are today without their partnership..."


"Within one week of going live with our new website our clinic doubled its clientele. We can't thank the Reliant team enough for their professionalism and their ability to execute..."

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"Reliant's partnership with KEF has brought about a change in our audience's views and ideology of our ministry..."



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What makes Reliant Creative different?

While we operate as a full-service creative agency, we're also a ministry. We understand and relate to the difficulties you are challenged with every day because we are dealing with many of the same struggles. We would love to hear how we can help tell your ministry story. 

As a 501(c)3 Christian organization ourselves, 100% of your donations go towards helping us tell the stories of how God is at work globally. When these stories are told people are moved to action and ministries grow significantly. Your investment will help us tell those stories. 


Ministry Branding – Part 7 – Typography

July 6, 2016

Ministry Branding – Typography This week in our ministry branding series we are going to address typography. Last week I said that color can be underrated in it’s importance related to your ministries brand. Typography is, if not the most, one of the most underrated pieces to any brand. We find that typography often gets […]

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Ministry Branding – Color Palette – Part 6

June 24, 2016

Ministry Branding – Color Palette In today’s article we are going to talk about the importance of color in your ministry branding. Color is often times an underrated element in any brand development process. At Reliant, we most often see colors chosen based on personal preference, but color can have a much more significant affect […]

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Ministry Branding – Part 5 – Logo Mark

June 14, 2016

Ministry Branding – Logo We finally get to talk about the visual aspect of your ministry’s brand; the piece that everyone associates with when they hear the word, “brand.” Up to this point in our series we’ve established that a brand is made up of words and visuals. We touched on visuals last week, but […]

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