We are the Creative Agency for Christian ministries.

Ministries are busy doing ministry and don’t have time to tell their stories. God is at work globally in powerful ways and those stories inspire action. We partner with Christian ministries to tell engaging stories that mobilize the Church. 

Telling great stories that spread is time consuming and expensive.

You're not a marketer

You weren't called to be a marketer

You don't have time for marketing

You want to focus your efforts on your cause

You want help telling your story

Your ministry is worthy of investment

Who has the time and resources to create content, to tell their stories to donors, to build a brand? 

We do, and we’ve got a plan!

We know what you're going through and we share the same challenges.

While we operate as a full service agency, we’re also a 501(c)3 ministry. 

God is at work in powerful ways through your ministry and if you can tell those stories you can inspire action and mobilize the Church for your cause. 

If you’ll let us use our gifts and experience in marketing to tell your story, you can spend your time focusing where you’ve been called.

The plan to help your ministry thrive.

From strategy maps and articles, to downloadable marketing resources, we’re regularly developing tools for your success.

A free resource designed to give you insight into how other ministries fundraise, develop strategy, and market their ministries.

Graduate-level marketing courses designed to help ministry leadership, national ministry partners, and missionaries tell the stories of how God is working with greater regularity.

From messaging & strategy, to all things digital & visual storytelling, we’re a full service digital agency for gospel ministries. Let’s tell your story!

Recent Work

Every interaction a donor has with your brand should be viewed as an opportunity to tell your stories.

Here’s how we can help your ministry tell engaging stories to inspire action and mobilize the Church for your cause. 

Messaging & Strategy

Messaging Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
Campaign Strategy


Information Architecture
Web Design
Web Development

Visual Storytelling

Campaign Development
Graphic Design
Print Collateral

Let's tell powerful stories of how God's working through your ministry.

Don’t lose out on donor investment because your stories are not being told effectively. The stories of how God is at work through your ministry are powerful and can inspire the Church to action. Let us help you become the guide and mentor your donors need to be the hero’s for your cause. 

News & Insights

Zach Leighton

Developing An Innovative Board with MedSend

MedSend has an incredibly simple, but effective model. Remove the barrier to the mission field for healthcare providers by covering their educational debt. MedSend partners with a long list of sending agencies and up until the date of our podcast,

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How IJM is Protecting Beneficiary Identities

How IJM is Protecting Beneficiary Identities  Last week we shared Part-3 in a 4-Part series exploring the ideas and topics discussed in our podcast interview with Brittany Baker from IJM. This week, we’re wrapping that series up with Part-4 and

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IJM and The Hero’s Journey

Story Structures with IJM A couple of weeks ago we shared Part-2 in a 4-Part series exploring the ideas and topics discussed in our podcast interview with Brittany Baker from IJM. Sorry for the delay in this article, COVID-19 put

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The Ministry Growth Show is a podcast dedicated to helping ministry executives and church leaders grow the impact of their organizations for the Kingdom of God. Each episode features an interview with a ministry executive or church leader as we discuss the strategies, struggles, challenges, and successes of running successful Christian ministries.

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